Moving Day!

leigha mom

Well, the day has finally come. It’s Moving Day!  My mom and I had no intentions of moving, but then last summer we found a house only 4 blocks away from where we lived and fell in love. Our offer was accepted but we still needed to sell our house if we were going to [...]

Basketball Camp and Black Rocks

team black rocks

This past Tuesday and Wednesday I spent the day in Marquette for team basketball camp! While I didn’t take any pictures at the gym (obviously- I was playing!) I did take a lot of other pictures! Third Street Bagel For lunch on Tuesday we went to a bagel place. Hello new favorite restaurant in Marquette! [...]

WIAW – Small & Simple Meals

avocado toast apple sunbutter

I’ve made an effort to reduce my veggie intake and I can honestly say that I feel great! I guess it is possible to eat too many vegetables. I almost feel like cutting back has increased my appetite – yes please! Here’s a look at what I ate on Monday. Yesterday I was gone all day- [...]

Homemade Semolina Pasta

pasta with bolognese

I. Love. Pasta. Confession: I used to eat it for dinner every single night. No joke. Just plain pasta with salt & parmesan. And I wondered why I had that little potbelly. Now I save that meal for the night before races:) A few weeks ago my youth group made homemade pasta! … does that make [...]

Firecracker 5 Mile (34:06)


I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! Mine was wonderful, spent with friends and family. There was quite a bit of food too I ran in the local 5 mile race which was my 4th year participating in it! last year Prerace dinner: cookout with all the family in town!  and another snack [...]

WIAW – Dorm Food Edition

french toast and yogurt

I have so much food to share from my trip! But then I realized that I basically ate the same things everyday. The first couple days I was in food heaven. By the end of the week I was getting sick of the same options everyday. Nonetheless, I was still very happy with the choices [...]

Grandma’s Dulce de Leche Poke Cake

yummy cake

I didn’t plan on posting today, but then Grandma and I made a cake last night and I have to share the recipe! And while I’m sharing that, I might as well share the rest of the day since I already take pictures of every single thing I do It was my first time having [...]

Women in Engineering 2014

natalie and hailee

I don’t know if I said the specific reason I’ve been gone for a week. I went up to Michigan Tech University for a summer program called Women in Engineering. What an experience it was! Does anyone else wait as long as possible to sort through trip pictures? Because it’s one of the worst things ever [...]

Back to Real Life. (and a super simple summer dessert!)

ice cream sandwich cake

Hey guys! Long time no talk I’ve missed blogging! I’m back from my awesome trip to Michigan Tech and life is back to normal. Before I share everything from my trip I just wanted to share a super duper easy dessert I made last night. And because I’m procrastinating sorting through the hundreds of pictures [...]

Scenic Shores 5k (19:25)

Photo (71)

I’M IN THE SUB-20 CLUB! I’ve had this 5k on my schedule for a month. I hadn’t ran a 5k race since the Turkey Trot! I wasn’t expecting to do great -  the amount of speed I have done since track ended on May 31? ZERO. I’ve also wayyy cut back on my mileage, going from [...]