Running 4/13

gluten free bobs redmill pancakes green smoothie

I hope everyone’s been having a great weekend! Yesterday was crazy busy (ACT, run, lift, work) but today was just the opposite and wonderfully relaxing. Some pancakes, playing piano at church, grocery shopping, baking, and dinner at Grandma’s. Here are my runs from last week! It was a pretty intense one and my body could […]

Dome Meet

dome meet 2 mile

Hello everyone! I had my first track meet yesterday so I’m just popping in to share some pictures and times! I’ll have them listed in my workouts post as well but I have some more things that I want to share too. Before the bus left I stopped home for lunch:Sprouted bread, homemade pesto, vegan […]

The Time I Made Lasagna

mushroom kale lasagna_-2

Hello everyone! It’s Monday morning and I am ready to kill this week (in a figurative way, not literally;). I have my first meet tomorrow and on Wednesday… The talent show. Uhhh yeah. I might have signed up. But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about dinner last night! But first – breakfast. See […]

Running 4/6


Posting twice in a day?! This is weird. If you haven’t seen my giveaway yet don’t forget to enter! I was going to wait and include my runs in tomorrow’s post but I’ve decided not to. I have no reason behind this. Actually I do, it’s at the bottom of the post. So! Here are […]

The Yes Bar Giveaway!

leigha the yes bar

Happy Sunday everyone! It’s been a BEAUTIFUL weekend and I’ll have a post up tomorrow with running and whatnot. Today I have something I’ve been waiting to share! It’s no secret that I absolutely love finding new brands that create simple yet tasty and nutritious snacks. I’m not sure how I came across The Yes Bar, […]

Vegetarian Tacos with “Ground Beef”

Vegetarian Tacos with Ground Beef Style Veggie Protein

At the health food store I found this veggie “meat” on sale so I had to try it! My mom and I are really cutting back on our meat consumption and only really eat it if we’re at someone’s house – in other words, we’re not cooking much of it anymore. Tacos are something that […]