Utah Part 2 – University of Utah, Park City, and Bridal Veil Falls

Utah Part 3 - Janae, Mount Rushmore, and Braking Down
Utah Part 1 - Driving Out, Dress Shopping, and Trader Joes

Part 1 here!

Our second day in Utah was filled with things to do. First, my cousin Tricia gave us a tour of the University of Utah, where she goes to school!

university of utah

Campus was beautiful.

walking around the uDorms:


I don’t know if I see myself there in the future. But who knows!

After that we went to lunch.


More in depth food post coming soon πŸ˜‰

Then we went to Olympic Park!

utah olympic parkskiingolympic torchOlympic Park has a training place where you can learn to freestyle ski into a pool. This is a video I took of one girl I’m pretty sure is a future Olympian.

Then we went to Park City to ride alpine slides!

chairlift park cityYou get to ride the chairlift up the mountain. It’s so pretty.. but a little scary!

park city runspark cityAlpine slides have been on my mom’s bucket list since 1990. She can check that one off!

alpine slidesalpine slides park city utahIt was so fun. Super fast, too.

And then we got caught in another downpour.

raining in park city

It didn’t last too long, just enough that my other cousin Laura and her dad didn’t get to do the slides!

Once it cleared up we got in the cars to head back to Salt Lake. On the way we stopped at Bridal Veil Falls.

bridal veil fallsbirdal veil falls utahleighaAnd our last stop… Ikea!

ikeaI got some new things for food photography! Love that place so much. But it’s SO overwhelming!

rainbowAnd the rainbow we saw.

That’s all for Tuesday! 

Have you ever done an alpine slide?

Do you like Ikea?

Utah Part 3 - Janae, Mount Rushmore, and Braking Down
Utah Part 1 - Driving Out, Dress Shopping, and Trader Joes


  1. 11


    Man, I’d never even considered the University of Utah, but it’s so gorgeous. Mountains view out your dorm window? Um YES please! I heard about alpine sliding from one of my brother’s best friends who lives in Utah, and ever since then I’ve had that on my bucket list! It looks like SO much fun. Like seriously. It’s crazy. And those falls are gorgeous! I saw tons of waterfalls this summer, and they never get old. Nature is so cool.

    • 12


      Maybe we should both consider it and go together πŸ˜‰ but you should definitely go alpine sliding if you can! And right? I can just sit and stare at nature/waterfalls forever!

  2. 13


    It looks so pretty there! I have never been to Utah before, but it looks like I need to visit it now! There are so many places I need to see in the West Coast! And it looks like you guys had a lot of fun :) I once went luging (spelled right?) which was similar to what you did! It was a lot of fun.. but my brother thought it would be funny to run me off the road and into a ditch. That part was not fun.. it makes a good story though!

    • 14


      Girl you LIVE on the West Coast during the school year! Definitely take advantage of that!! And that is too funny. I was scared that I was going to go off the edge during the slide!

  3. 17


    Hey gorgeous lady! I could live in IKEA. Especially since they have a restaurant and weird little rugs made out of fake fur. Oh, and 390853409 different floors of random home decor that make my heart sing. You look so happy in these pictures, I hope your soaking up summer and enjoying yourself on this new adventure.


  4. 23


    I agree, Ikea is super overwhelming! Did you know that if you go there in the morning just before they open, they serve coffee for free in the cafe?! It’s awesome, haha. Anyways. Alpine slides look like a ton of fun (and kind of scary for me because I’m a big baby…)!! Utah is so gorgeous. I love the dorms on campus, too!

    • 24


      What?! I don’t like coffee, but that’s so cool, haha! They were scary.. SO fast and you feel like you’re gonna go off the side!

  5. 25


    OH the bridal veil falls are breathtaking. And how aptly named! I’m kinda struck by the Uni of Utah too… would be fun to wake up -in those dorms- to such glorious surroundings. So you don’t see yourself there though!?


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